Coffee’s cardio effects
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Coffee’s cardio effects

My cup of coffee is about the first thought that crawls into my brain as I rise each day, and I am happy as happy can be as I snuggle my warm cup of morning hope. That being the case, I am glad I read this article at night rather than the morning before, or during, my first cup. The debate of coffee’s effects on cardiac health have been a long standing issue. In a $1 million dollar study of 187 coffee drinkers three categories of drinkers were studied. The first group consumed no coffee, the second group had 3-6 cups of regular per day and the third group drank 3-6 cups of decaf per day. All the coffee was black, no sugar or cream. The results indicated “decaf drinkers had modestly higher levels — 8 to 18 percent — of fatty acids and precursors of LDL or bad cholesterol than the others.”

Good thing I like mine chock full of caffiene, no bad cholesterol for me.